Oncor Upgrade Incentives

We have partnered with Oncor to help “Take a Load off Texas”. Act now and receive up to $2,800 off the purchase of any new, qualifying air conditioning and heating system. This is a limited time offer from Oncor and incentive funds are limited. Contact us today to see if you qualify.

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We can help you get the most for your new HVAC System.  Contact us today in order to have one of our techs give you a quick estimate right away.

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What is it?

Oncor manages most of the electricity grid in the DFW and surrounding areas. By offering customers a discount on a new high efficiency HVAC system, Oncor is able to reduce the load on our grid. It is cheaper for them spend millions of dollars incentivizing homeowners to install new high efficiency systems than it is to build and maintain more electricity grid. Do not wait, call us today to see if you qualify and how much you can save on a new air conditioning and heating system. 

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Why Act Now?

Funds are limited for this offer and usually run out before the actual summer begins in Texas. Oncor has set aside a fixed dollar amount to be spread among all qualifying homeowners and systems. Once the money runs out, it is gone. The offer has already begun for 2022 and will run until the funds are depleted. There are no guarantees that funds will be available again next year so it is important to capitalize on the opportunity now. Call us today and we can ensure that you get the discount you deserve.

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Who Qualifies?

All Homeowners that live in areas that are served by Oncor qualify for this offer. Your system can be working or not, it can be old or new, it can be efficient or not and it can be any type of HVAC system. Check your electricity meter and see if it is an Oncor or TXU meter or call us today and we can help. 

How Much Do I Qualify for?

There are several factors that go into figuring out how much you qualify for. The type of system you currently have, the type of system you replace it with, the efficiency rating of the new system, as well as the size of your system are all used to determine the incentive dollar amount. Call us and we can schedule a free consultation and figure out how much your incentive offer will be.

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How does it work?

This incentive offers instant savings. There is no waiting period or rebates to mail. We simply calculate the amount Oncor will discount the new system and deduct that from the amount you pay. Everything is done upfront and documented clearly for you to see and understand. Once your new system is installed at the highly discounted price, we provide the information to Oncor and they send us the incentive money- you do not need to wait, sign up or register for anything- we do it all for you.

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Energy Efficiency Tips

Oncor’s Take A Load Off, Texas®


Installing a more efficient air conditioning unit is a great start towards helping save energy.  Keeping the Thermostat around 78˚ in the summer is a great start. Using fans, opening vents and servicing your AC twice a year will do wonders to conserve energy during the hottest months


For the winter months, that high efficiency AC is going to make the heater work even better. Ways to conserve energy is to set your heater at 68, make sure you have the proper amount of insulations, seal up any drafts you may have from doors or windows.

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